About Eugen

About Eugen

We are a Company determined to facilitate clinical trials and make them available to every single patient that deserves a better treatment. We realize this is an ambitious goal but our motivation is driven by our parents, children, siblings, colleagues or friends who are patients. One day we could even be patients ourselves. We have been working in clinical research for over 15 years and we have seen its positive impact on people and health care systems.

What we do

Eugen identifies and provides access to the best markets for clinical research, selects the appropriate vendors, prices the project, negotiates, hires and manages vendors.

How we do it

We have developed a unique and innovative business model that together with our leadership’s combined experience in clinical research and finance, guarantees our clients the best decision: informed, opportune and financially sound.

What we believe


Above all, we are committed to execute our mission through ethical attitudes and practices. We believe that Ethics should be the driver of any business and we are determined to lead in this area by setting the example.


Building long-lasting relationships requires Trust. We work on transparent and honest two-way communication with our business partners, including clients, vendors and employees. Simple, straight-forward answers to all questions.


We are passionate for a job well done. We understand the importance of our work and its impact on our clients and vendors alike. Therefore, attention to detail, timely delivery and value-added data are the key aspects of all pieces of information we produce.