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When you distribute Version 2019 to your users, in addition to providing them with the installer and the serial number, you must also provide the Product Key request URL as the Product Key is required during license activation.

I have problems to understand what is the difference between the serial number of a certificate and its SHA1 hash.

The MSDN says:

Serial number A number that uniquely identifies the certificate and is issued by the certification authority.

So can I identify a certificate by its serial number, right?

Wikipedia says for the hash:

Thumbprint: The hash itself, used as an abbreviated form of the public key certificate.

So the hash identifies the (e.g. RSA) key.

I currently do some research on Android app certificates and I found some interesting certificates:

And there are a lot more which share the same serial, but have different hashes.

So there can be a certificate with different key? Who is actually creating the serial number when creating a certificate for an Android app? For the hash it is clear, but can I create a new certificate with the same serial number as another cert?

Can I be sure that a certificate with the same serial number was created by the same person?

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2 Answers

In a certificate, the serial number is chosen by the CA which issued the certificate. It is just written in the certificate. The CA can choose the serial number in any way as it sees fit, not necessarily randomly (and it has to fit in 20 bytes). A CA is supposed to choose unique serial numbers, that is, unique for the CA. You cannot count on a serial number being unique worldwide; in the dream world of X.509, it is the pair issuerDN+serial which is unique worldwide (each CA having its own unique distinguished name, and taking care not to reuse serial numbers).

The thumbprint is a hash value computed over the complete certificate, which includes all its fields, including the signature. That one is unique worldwide, for a given certificate, up to the inherent collision resistance of the used hash function. Microsoft software tends to use SHA-1, for which some theoretical weaknesses are known, but no actual collision has been produced (yet). A collision attack on SHA-1 has now been demonstrated by researchers from CWI and Google.

(The thumbprints you show appear to consist of 40 hexadecimal characters, i.e. 160 bits, which again points at SHA-1 as the plausibly used hash function.)

Thomas Pornin

Cwhl2rp Request New Serial Key Codes

Thomas Pornin
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The thumbprint is the sha1sum or sha256sum of the certificate in its binary .DER format. That is, from a Unix terminal you run:

The hexademical output of that command is your thumbprint. It is also called the fingerprint. Try it, and you will see.

Cwhl2rp Request New Serial Key

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Cwhl2rp Request New Serial Key Code

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Cw Hl2rp Request New Serial Key

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