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I have problems with the audio on my pc games, particularly Dead Space (all 3 of them), and Burnout Paradise. The sound will be playing fine for a time and all of the sudden a loud deafening screeching sound will emit from the speakers causing me to almost throw my controller across the room. Sometimes the sound will persist, other times it will slowly dull to a pulsing tone and return to normal and other times the sound will completely stop and a game restart is needed to get it back. My system specs are Windows Vista 32 bit, Pentium D 3.2 ghz, 2gb ddr2 ram, geforce 210 video with hd audio being played through hdmi. I also have a realtek audio driver for my rear speakers which I tried hoping it would work but the problem persists. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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I'm temporarily uninstalling Dead Space 2, which I installed a looong time ago. The uninstaller said that I should de-authorize the game to be given one of my 5 activations back. The tool to do so requires my serial number, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere.

Where might it be available? I did not buy the game through Steam, but it was a digital download of sorts.

Given that the game is already installed and authorized, can I extract the key from the installation somehow?

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You should remember where you downloaded it form, because i can guarantee that you will have your key somewhere around there. Other than this you don't have any solution to this issue. (Perhaps you got it from greenmangaming.com or humblebundle.com from what i remember from past bundles) You should also check your email, because if you bought it, you will have a receipt specifying the place where you bought it from.

You cannot extract the key from anywhere within the game or installation.

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