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PC Advisor software registration page mentions that the free software is eScan Internet Security Suite with Anti-Virus and Content Security, however the activation serial code can only works with older version of eScan Anti-Virus, but with latest virus signature updates.

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eScan did an OK job of detecting malware in our in-house tests, though it scored lower overall for protection compared to most internet security and premium protection programs we reviewed. It’s still a step up from the protection that comes with your Windows 10 operating system and includes spam filters and a few other advanced protection tools that make eScan Internet Security and eScan Total Security better options than most basic antivirus software.

During our tests, eScan successfully blocked 324 of the 352 live malware samples we used. That is a 92 percent detection rate, which isn’t great. Some of these threats were malicious sites that have phishing schemes or virus downloads on them. But there were several threats that successfully downloaded and saved to our computer without eScan detecting them. Most of the download threats that eScan blocked were completely deleted so there was no trace of the threat left on our computer. And there were a few times when we encountered a page that didn’t load because of a suspended account or a faulty IP address that still has a virus download that started and eScan stopped it.

The best feature of eScan Internet and Total Security are the spam filters. These monitor your email for any suspicious messages that may look like they’ve come from your phone company, boss or friend. The filters recognize slight differences in the body of the message or from where the email was sent that classify it as spam and reroutes it to your junk or spam folders. You can set the spam filters to also check attachments and links embedded in the messages and let you know if they are safe to open.

Other protection features included with eScan are a firewall, password manager and webcam monitoring. Both eScan Internet Security and Total Security come with parental controls that block inappropriate content from your children and let you manage when and how long they have access to the internet each day.

Total Security also comes with a vulnerability scanner that looks for weak points in your system and provides ideas of how to strengthen them. It also comes with secure browsing that tells you when a site you want to visit is dangerous and tags search results as safe or unsafe. We were surprised that eScan reserved this particular tool for its premium security suite since most security programs, including Norton and Bitdefender, include this with their most basic antivirus programs.

There are some privacy tools missing from both programs, most notably safe banking features to protect you while banking or shopping online. You also don’t have access to any online backup storage space. The program looks and feels dated, and it is a little tricky to learn to use since it isn’t very obvious where some settings and tools are located on the dashboard.

eScan Internet Security and eScan Total Security are decent protection but performed worse than average in protection tests, allowing some malware to download to our computers. Both programs come with useful features, including parental controls, a personal firewall and webcam monitoring. However, they are missing safe banking tools, and secure browsing is only available with eScan’s premium solution.

Escan Total Security Suite Serial Key

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eScan Internet Security Suite 14.0 Full Version Features:

  • With highly sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, eScan Antivirus software protects your computer from unknown malware that are continuously released by malware writers.
  • eScan’s advanced anti-spam feature filters out an unwanted e-mail from entering your inbox and delivers reports about any detected spam.
  • Auto Back Up and Restore feature automatically restores all your valuable data so that you don’t lose any critical information in case of system crash or Malware attack.
  • eScan Antivirus facilitates parental control to keep your children safe online by controlling their access to the Internet applications, games and objectionable websites.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • 1GHz processor (recommended) with 1GB memory (recommended)
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • High-color display with a resolution of 640×480 pixels or higher (recommended)