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Yesterday at FSExpo, FSDreamteam announced the level 2 expansion of their awesome GSX ground handling software. FSDT decided an expansion of GSX would be the best route, rather than releasing an entirely new version of the product. Pressing the 5 key on the numpad, will “TEST” the jetway, asking SODE if it will work, without having to.

The GSX Level 2 Expansion is included in the full GSX installer. Download the latest Trial version here. And activate it using your Serial Number. Be sure the base GSX is already active. This is not a Stand-Alone product, the base GSX Product is required. Golden Key Studio Golden Retriever Pilot Design Grand Island Sim Grant. GSX Level 2 focuses on two main features: SODE jetways, everywhere. GSX has been one of the most popular products out there, because it was always thought as a “global” addon that would work everywhere, not tied to a specific airport or airplane addon. When searching for Spice MASTER 2.5 do not include words such as serial, number, key. Office, lonelyscreen, fsdt gsx level 2, airflow, visualgdb, girder, chess. FSDreamTeam - GSX Ground Services for FSX - FSPilotShop. Flight Simulator X FSX Steam Prepar3D Utilities. FSX Addons & hardware, yokes, pedals, scenery, aircraft.

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From the FSDT Forum post :

GSX Level 2 expansion

An 'expansion' ? Yes, it means we are not releasing a entirely new version of GSX, causing grief to anybody that bought it recently, and having to deal with several upgrade offers that won't surely satisfy everyone so, instead, we are releasing it as an expansion, which means:

Gsx Level 2 Serial Key
  • The core GSX product will continue as it is, constantly updated for free in all its main features, so you won't have to pay for a new version, just to get rid of bugs of the old one...

  • You are not being asked to pay for something you might not be interested right now.

  • It's easier for us supporting it, because the code to maintain is only one, with just a different behavior depending if you bought the expansion or not so, this will give you the guaranteed of continued support for the whole GSX program.

We believe the expansion approach is one that will allow us to sustain the continuing development of the product for the following years, without leaving anybody out. We'll surely improve all the core features in GSX, like Pusback, which is the likely candidate for the next rewamp (last year we remade the Refueling), and we'll still add new services to the core product, like water/lavatory vehicles, and such core updates will continue to be free.

Release date and price

Gsx Level 2 Expansion

If everything goes right with Beta testing, which will probably start in the last week of June (because me and the other main GSX developer will be on vacation in the US until June 24th), we are aiming for a September release.

The product will work with both FSX and Prepar3d but, we STRONGLY suggest Prepar3D V4, both because it will be more featured, but also because the animated passengers, although are fairly fps friendly, will probably take some toll on memory, which is already a scarce resource in 32 bit., so it's very likely that using a complex airplane with a complex scenery AND animated passengers WILL cause OOM crashes in FSX.

Gsx Level 2 Serial Key Generator

So, while (with the exception of the Jetway numbers feature), there's nothing that prevents the product to work with FSX, it would be wise using it with Prepar3D 4 only. Of course, it will be available in Trial, so if you are still convinced to use FSX, try it first with your preferred airplane.

Gsx Level 2 Serial Key West

About the price, it hasn't been decided yet, but you can expect it will cost less than the base GSX products so, very roughly, you can expect something below 30$.

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