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You might have trouble finding Microsoft Office 2013 product keys online — the internet is filled with fake and duplicated keys. Well, worry no more: in this article, we have compiled working MS Office 2013 serial keys and the ultimate key generators.

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  • The Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 2013 product key situation is unique compared to older versions of Office (below). Unfortunately for us, only the last 5 characters of the 25-character Office 2016 or 2013 product key is stored on your computer, making a product key finder pretty much useless in this case.
  • Final Keys – Find Product Keys, Serial Numbers for Free Get Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 Product Keys including Ultimate, Pro and All Versions.
  • The Office 2010 or 2007 product key is the alphanumeric series listed after Serial Number. The Office product key will be formatted like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx. It'll be 25 characters long - five sets of five letters and numbers.

How to find your Office Product Key after installation on computer. Here in this article will show you how to find out your Office product key from your computer after installation. Before doing a clean install of Windows, or upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8/8.1, it is a good idea to find out and save your office product key to a safe location.

Why Use MS Office 2013?

Although more recent versions are available, MS Office 2013 is still one of the most used office suites ahttps://www.itechgyan.com/ms-office-2013-product-key-latest/ll around the world. Although it’s not free to download (MS Office 2013 requires a product key), everyone with a computer has MS Office installed on their system.

The Microsoft Office Suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, OneNote and InfoPath.

This means that with Office 2013 you can create and open different types of documents, such as:

  • Word files (.doc and .docx)
  • Excel files (.xlsx)
  • PowerPoint presentations (.ppt)
  • PDF files (.pdf)

However, in order to use Microsoft Office 2013 you need a product key, which we supply a bit further down.

How to Get Microsoft Office 2013?

It’s been several years since Microsoft released the 2013 version of Microsoft Office. Since then, the company has released newer, improved versions, which offer new features.

However, Microsoft has also changed the way activations work. Nowadays, users need to purchase an Office 365 subscription for Home and Professional (formerly Ultimate) versions of the product.

This new subscription model includes the software and 1TB of cloud storage.

What this means is that you aren’t able to get Microsoft Office 2013 directly from the Microsoft website. MS wants you to use the latest version of the product.

Still, there are ways of acquiring MS Office 2013. Some websites allow you to download it for free, although you should be wary of potential threats to your computer. You can also download it from popular torrent websites.

Regardless of how you get MS Office 2013, you will still need a working product key to activate it. Without a MS Office 2013 product key you’ll only have limited usage of the Office suite.

What is a Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key?

A Microsoft Office 2013 product key is a 25-character serial key that allows you to activate MS Office. It should look something like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Although you can find this serial key in many different places, we have compiled working ones a little bit further down. They’re completely free and you don’t have to download anything at all.

Without a working Microsoft Office 2013 product key, your MS Office suite will not work properly. You might be unable to create new files or save changes to existing ones.

Free MS Office 2013 Serial Keys

As we’ve said, we have the ultimate compilation of working Microsoft Office 2013 product keys. They’re completely free to use and you don’t have to download anything.

These serial keys work regardless of whether you have a 32-bit or a 64-bit system.





If by any reason these keys don’t work, bookmark our website and check it again at a later date. We constantly update our free serial keys.

Where to Find Your Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

Depending on how you’ve acquired your MS Office copy, there are several possibilities for where your serial key might be located.

  • If you’ve bought a CD/DVD of MS Office 2013, then the serial key should be located inside the product box.
  • If Office came preinstalled with your computer, you might need to contact your seller.
  • If you’ve bought MS Office straight from the Microsoft store, then the activation code will be on an email sent to you at the time of purchase.
  • Torrent websites and other websites that offer MS Office free downloads do not supply genuine serial keys.

But don’t worry if you can’t seem to find your MS Office 2013 product key, or even if you’ve never bought one. Just keep scrolling down until you find our 100% working ultimate serial key compilation.

How to Purchase a MS Office 2013 Product Key

If you want to buy a Microsoft Office 2013 product key, you might run into a few troubles. Legitimate stores do not sell such an old version of Microsoft Office. Unless you’re willing to upgrade to a newer version, you can probably forget about going to a store.

Likewise, the Microsoft store does not stock MS Office 2013 activation keys.

Your only possibility is buying the serial key through a third-party seller. You can probably find working keys on websites such as eBay, although it is not guaranteed that they will work.

In this article we supply free activation codes that require absolutely no downloads, so keep that in mind.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013

Now that you have a working MS Office 2013 serial key it’s time to proceed to its activation. There are several ways of activating MS Office 2013 once you have your product key. Choose your preferred method and let’s get to it:

Activating MS Office Over The Internet

Online activation is the simplest and quickest method of activating MS Office 2013 with a product key. To do it you just need to:

  • Open MS Office
  • An Activation Wizard will appear and ask for an activation key
  • Insert the serial key and click on “activate”

If you have a fast internet connection, the activation procedure will only take a few seconds. However, if you can’t activate Office through the internet, you can also do it over the phone.

Activating MS Office Over the Phone

Even if you don’t have internet, you can still activate MS Office 2013. You only need a working serial key and a phone.

Microsoft office 7 serial number

Here’s how to activate Microsoft Office 2013 over the phone:

  • Once you have installed Office 2013, disconnect your computer from the internet
  • Open Office
  • Once Office starts, an Activation Wizard will ask you for your MS Office 2013 product key
  • Insert the product key
  • Click on the option “activate product by phone”
  • Dial the number that shows up on your computer screen
  • AVR will play and give you a few options
  • When you hear “product key for home and business” select Home
  • For “computers you want to use” press 1
  • Provide the information over the phone and you will get a confirmation ID in return
  • Input the confirmation ID when the installation wizard asks for it and click on “activate”

That’s it. Your copy of Microsoft Office 2013 is now activated. Obviously, this activation method is a lot more troublesome than a simple online activation, but it’s also an option in case there’s something wrong with your internet.

Can You Use MS Office 2013 Without a Serial Key?

If by any reason you do not have a Microsoft Office 2013 product key, you will still be able to use the software. However, some key features might not work. You might not be able to use essential features such as saving or editing documents, although you can still open them just fine.

This means that although you can use Office without a serial key, it is definitely recommended that you activate it. You can do it by using one of the serial keys we’ve supplied above or one of the cracks.

Once you have activated MS Office 2013 with a product key or with a crack, you will be able to get new features instantly via automatic updates.


With our article, you’ll be able to activate your copy of Microsoft Office 2013 for free and without having to download anything. Always remember that this is the ultimate compilation of MS Office 2013 product keys and activators.

In case the keys don’t work, check back at a later date. We frequently update our serial key list so you’re able to have a fully-functioning Office 2013 copy.

Free Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key Codes

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