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Driver Booster 6.1 Pro Key: 2018-12-19: Advanced System Care 12 Pro Key. MT POWER DRUMKIT 2 FREE Plugin Multicanais. See more of Looperman Official on Facebook. Create New Account. See more of Looperman Official on Facebook. Forgot account? Create New Account. Download MT Power Drum Kit 2 by Manda Audio Free Drum Machine Instrument. Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit, Mac 32Bit, Mac 64Bit. FREE download. MT Power Drumkit 2 Issues (self.WeAreTheMusicMakers) submitted 2 years ago by beetsauce. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but. I am running Reaper(x64) on Windows 10 and using MT Power Drumkit to try and create drum tracks. If I open a pre-made midi track for the drums, MT does a great job at being a VSTi and just playing the.

Mt Power Drum Kit Keygen. March 17, 2018 Mt Power Drum Kit Keygen >> DOWNLOAD. Home > News > New Product Alert > Product Alerts older than 2 months MT PowerDrumKit - Multi Layer Drum Sampler (AU/VST) Login / Join. Join with Facebook New Reply. Studio from Germany. Working together with a plugin programmer, we have developed a simple VST/AU plugin for realistic drum kit programming with an amazing sound.

I recently came across an exceptional free drum kit plugin called MT Power Drum Kit 2. It was once a paid plugin for $39 but now it’s free, and it’s easily one of the best free plugins out there.

I’m a big fan of EZdrummer 2, but the MT Power Drum Kit can hold its own if you don’t have any money to spend, especially considering the fact that EZdrummer costs $150 (if I’d known such a good free alternative existed a year ago I would’ve put that purchase off for awhile…).

Obviously the MT Power Drum Kit doesn’t have all the features as EZdrummer.

You can’t change various cymbals and different kits, but it does have a built-in mixer with compressors on each channel.

Even better, it includes a bunch of high-quality MIDI grooves that you use to create some very realistic sounding beats, including full songs. You can also use samples from other plugins and use a DAW to further customize the sound.

Mt Power Drum Kit 2

The MT Power Drum Kit 2 is available in VST and AU formats, and it comes in 32 and 64 bit versions.

The first time you open the plugin it will display a code that you have to enter on the power kit website to generate an activation key.

They also have some MIDI mapping presets available on the downloads page to use the plugin with a drum sampler. Compatible presets include Superior Drummer, EZdrummer, Addictive Drums, Studio Drummer, and others.

MT Power Drum Kit 2 Video Demo

If you are looking for a high-quality drum kit plugin for free, Sennheiser’s DrumMic’a is a top choice. Along with the aforementioned MT Power Drum Kit 2, both can cover a wide variety of drum sounds for various types of music.

One of the shortcomings with the free DAWs I posted about last month is that most don’t come with any kind of good drum software to use. Even full DAWs like Pro Tools don’t come with good drum software (Boom isn’t useful for much).

So for this post I wanted to point out Sennheiser DrumMic’a.


It’s completely free to download and use, and you’ll be absolutely shocked by how many features it offers and the sound quality for being free (see video below for a demo). It even has a bunch of MIDI drum loops included.

The only catch is you have to setup an account and register to get the free serial number. That’s normally not an issue but the website is in German and for some reason Google Translate doesn’t work on it so you have to guess your way through the registration process unless you read German.

Plus the download file is several GBs in size so it can take a really long time to download.

Since I already have EZdrummer 2 I’m not going to go through all that trouble just to try it out, even though it does look like fun to test, but if you don’t have any drum software and don’t want to spend a bunch of cash DrumMic’a is a good option to have if you need it.

Drums are the backbone of most songs; it’s pretty hard to write music without drums. Even just practicing guitar is a lot more satisfying playing along with drums instead of a boring click track.

To use DrumMic’a you also have to download and install the free version of Kontakt 5 Player if you don’t already have Kontakt.

Review Of Sennheiser DrumMic’a!