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PdaNet for PalmOS Treo and Centro Connect your PalmOS Treo or Centro phone to your PC using the HotSync cable and you can gain instant wireless Internet access on the PC with PdaNet! It will go through the data service on your Treo. Haven't found a serial key yet? A key generator is the solution to your problem. Webtrafficsmith.com provides you with a free PDAnet serial number or key generator to make your software a full version so make sure to download it today.

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PdaNet Desktop

Trying to find a WiFi hotspot to connect your laptop or netbook can be quite a mission at times. With PdaNet though, you can ensure you can always get your computer connected - using your Android phone. You just need to download and install the desktop client on your PC then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Publisher: June Fabrics Technology Inc.
  • Home page:junefabrics.com
  • Last updated: August 20th, 2016

PdaNet Desktop for iPhone

This allows your laptop to go online wirelessly through the 2G/3G/4G network on the iPhone. It also supports USB tethering for both Mac and Windows users. PdaNet provides the fastest connection speed possible from your data service and data signal. If you have updated your phone to iOS 5 or iTunes to 10.5, please update PdaNet to 5.30 from Cydia

  • Publisher: June Fabrics Technology Inc
  • Home page:www.junefabrics.com
  • Last updated: February 29th, 2012

ImageNow Desktop Client

Document imaging is essential technology for organizations today, connecting people to the information they need to make better decisions and work more productively.It can pply bar codes, patch codes and OCR/ICR information for easily processing special types of documents.

  • Publisher: Perceptive Software, Inc.
  • Home page:www.perceptivesoftware.com
  • Last updated: April 12th, 2010

EverNote Universal Clipper

EverNote Universal Clipper is an add-on for the Evernote desktop client. Evernote is a note system that allows you to take your notes wherever you go. The system works great because the user downloads a desktop application which syncs with the Evernote servers, which you can access from anywhere.

  • Publisher: EverNote Corp.
  • Home page:www.evernote.com
  • Last updated: August 23rd, 2008

FACSys Desktop Client

Solgenia Facsys Foundation Desktop Client is the desktop client for the FACSys fax software.The download contains the Solgenia Facsys Foundation Desktop Client Module. The desktop client requires the Solgenia Facsys Foundation Services in order to work.

  • Publisher: Solgenia
  • Last updated: January 4th, 2010

VaporStream Desktop

VaporStream Desktop is an application that provides you access to your VaporStream messages on your Windows Desktop, just like IM or email.The VaporStream Desktop client is designed just like your instant messaging client. You can send, receive and be notified of a new message.

  • Publisher: VaporStream, Inc.
  • Last updated: October 31st, 2011

Meebo Password Decryptor

Meebo Messenger Password Recovery Software

  • Publisher: SecurityXploded
  • Home page:securityxploded.com
  • Last updated: August 11th, 2011


SyncNotes helps you keep you important snippets of information at your fingertips, always.SyncNotes allows you to easily store, retrieve and even communicate small pieces of textual information. The SyncNotes System consists of a desktop software that allows you to put up virtual sticky notes on your screen, a web based system that synchronizes all notes from your PC(s) and a WAP based interface to view and add notes when you are on the go.The SyncNotes Desktop Client: The SyncNotes client is a windows application that allows you to create and manage notes on your desktop computer. The online notes and the local notes store are synchronized periodically every time your computer connects to the Internet. You can put up notes on your desktop, make them stay always on top so that you don't forget your important reminders; you can even make the notes translucent!The NoteBox: The NoteBox is where all your notes are stored online, allowing you to the synchronized notes using any web browser just by accessing your SyncNotes.com account. This is also where you log into for getting a clear list view of all your notes, making it easier for cleaning up your notes, archiving them etc.SyncNotes Mobile: The SyncNotes Mobile Interface allows you to view, add, edit, or send notes using any internet enabled device, that supports WAP or XHTML, for example your mobile phone, your Pocket PC™ or any other PDA. This also makes SyncNotes a more cost efficient way of sending messages than SMS, as the recipient need not have a mobile phone to receive your message.

  • Publisher: Cynapse India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Last updated: March 11th, 2008
Pdanet Four Character Serial Key

Microsoft Application Virtualization Desktop Client

Microsoft Desktop Virtualization & Management solutions use key features and tools found in Windows Server Hyper-V, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, and System Center to empower IT in providing a flexible work experience to users who want to connect from everywhere, on the devices they choose, whether inside or outside the corporate networks.

  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
  • Home page:www.microsoft.com
  • Last updated: May 18th, 2011

IceWarp Desktop Client

Desktop Client is a hub of all your communications needs. With IceWarp Desktop Client, you can manage your E-Mails, communicate on Instant Messengers and keep track of your daily tasks all with the help of a series of innovative, task-oriented and context-dependent tools such as E-Mail Communications history,

  • Publisher: IceWarp Ltd.
  • Home page:www.icewarp.com
  • Last updated: June 14th, 2012

go1984 Desktop Client

go1984 Desktop Client is a free application for remote access via LAN or Internet and offline-playback of scenes that have been recorded in go1984 (requires go1984 V or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework 4). This app has an easy-to-use interface.

  • Publisher: Logiware GmbH.
  • Home page:www.go1984.com
  • Last updated: October 22nd, 2015

PodNova Desktop Client

The PodNova Desktop Client is a Podcast receiver which seamlessly integrates with the www.podnova.com website. The www.podnova.com website is a distributed podcast directory. It's maintained by dozens of volunteers from around the world. It features a way to search and subscribe with one click to podcasts.

  • Publisher: Fascin8, Rabshakeh, renevanhoek
  • Home page:sourceforge.net
  • Last updated: November 30th, 2008

Naim Desktop Client

Naim Desktop Client is a free application designed to work with your HDX Hard Disk Player / Server. The program offers you information regarding your music library and it allows you to add songs, edit, search, play or skip songs. It also gives you information about the artist, album, tracks and genre of the music.

  • Publisher: Naim Audio Ltd
  • Home page:www.naimaudio.com
  • Last updated: January 3rd, 2014

Way2Sms Desktop client

Way2Sms Desktop client is an open-source program that allows you to send messages in India directly from your desktop computer. The application lets you to send an unlimited number of messages, it has a very easy to use contact manager and it uses your own mobile number as sender's ID.

  • Publisher: Ayush Pateria
  • Home page:sourceforge.net
  • Last updated: April 10th, 2013

Appx Desktop Client

The APPX Desktop Client is the standard desktop connection to APPX. With APPX/ODBC Server, data is accessed by other PC applications directly from APPX databases, without time-consuming transfer processes. APPX data can be stored on a local PC, or remotely on an NT or UNIX server using APPX/Net connecting to an APPX/Server.

  • Publisher: APPX Software, Inc.
  • Home page:www.appx.com
  • Last updated: April 3rd, 2015

Elusiva Remote Desktop Client

Features:- RDP 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 and 7 compatible- Copy and Paste via clipboard- Encryption for communication security- Local drive mapping- Serial and parallel ports redirection- Local printers- Cut and paste via clipboard- Up to 24-bit color- Local audio

  • Publisher: Elusiva
  • Last updated: May 2nd, 2017

Pdanet Four Character Serial Keys

Multi Remote Desktop Client .NET

Multi RDP Client .NET can manage your RDP connections. The program allows you to import/export .RDP files, disconnect all connection and connect all your servers in an easy way. You can also change the resolution while working, set the window into fullscreen mode, and as well as enable window stretching and a lot more features.

  • Publisher: Gambit Creative Softwares
  • Home page:multirdpc.codeplex.com
  • Last updated: January 21st, 2014

GigaTrust Desktop Client

GigaTrust Desktop Client is a program that delivers RMS protection for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft file types- providing the tools to proactively mitigate risk and the freedom to do your business openly without jeopardizing the safety of proprietary and confidential intellectual property (IP).

Pdanet Four Character Serial Key

  • Publisher: GigaTrust
  • Last updated: December 19th, 2014

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