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HDRsoft Photomatix Pro Terbaru 5.1.3 Final Full Serial adalah aplikasi yang dapat memproses beberapa foto dari adegan kontras tinggi ke dalam satu gambar dengan rincian di kedua highlight dan bayangan. HDRsoft Photomatix Pro Terbaru ini menawarkan dua jenis proses untuk meningkatkan jangkauan dinamis. Satu proses yang disebut HDR Tone Mapping dan satunya adalah proses Blending. Kedua proses ini dirancang untuk menghasilkan gambar dengan rentang dinamis yang meningkat jelas, namun hasil dari kedua proses tersebut berbeda.

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Anda harus mencoba keduanya dan kemudian pilih hasil yang terbaik untuk gambar Anda. Bagian pertama dari program HDRsoft Photomatix Pro Terbaru ini memberikan tips untuk mengambil foto yang ditujukan untuk High Dynamic Range (HDR) pengolahan di aplikasi ini. Bagian kedua menjelaskan cara membuat gambar HDR dan proses mereka melalui Tone Mapping. Processing. Akhirnya, bagian kelima menyediakan beberapa tips dan teknik.


  • Generation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images from differently exposed images
  • Conversion of single RAW file into pseudo-HDR image
  • Tone Mapping tool for revealing highlights and shadows details in HDR image
  • HDR Viewer shows local HDR image data at the appropriate exposure
  • Display of HDR Histogram (logarithmic)
  • Ability to batch tone map single HDR images
  • Function to tone map large HDR image files while benefiting from a preview
  • Read and Write support for Radiance RGBE (.hdr), OpenEXR (.exr) and Floating Point TIFF
  • Color managed HDR workflow: passing trough of ICC color profiles from the source to the tone mapped images, and color managed display
  • Four algorithms for Exposure Blending
  • Automatic alignment option for hand-held images with two alignment methods available
  • Preview and Loupe available for all Exposure Blending methods
  • Ability to select the images for method ‘H&S – 2 images’
  • Automatic Batch Processing
  • Support JPEG, TIFF, Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, PNG, PSD, RAW files from several camera models

Photomatix Pro 5.0.5a Serial Numbers. Convert Photomatix Pro 5.0.5a trail version to full software. Photomatix Pro 5.0.5a + Key. S0ft4PC July 27, 2015. Photomatix Pro is an application that lets you make some touchups to your image files. Installing this program should be easy. Just keep in mind that Photomatix offers to install a plugin that it needs in order to fully function (but which is not essential). Photomatix Pro 5.0 Performance. When you open the program for a simple sign, there is column next to the left, Photomatix Pro 5 License Key gives you options to upload integrated images, and to upload one image. When uploading a RAW image there are options for reducing noise, minimizing chromatic aberrations, adjusting the balloon, adjusting. Photomatix Pro 6.0 Latest Final Key (2017) is a professional program to create images with high tonal range using a technique High Dynamic Range Imaging. Available to the user is the method publicity mixing (or publicity fusion), through which it’s miles feasible to create pix with a wide tonal range with multiple exposures of various exposure and hdr tone mapping – a way of enhancing.

Updated in v5.1

  • Support for recent camera models such as the Nikon D7200 and Canon 5DS/5DSR, G7X, M3, and 750D/760D (T6i/T6s).
  • Ability to mark presets as Favorites (by clicking on the ‘star’ icon to the left of each thumbnail) and filter the preset list to only show those favorites.
  • Fusion/Real-Estate renamed into Fusion/Interior and now includes a Brightness setting.
  • Addition of “Architecture” category to filter Presets.
  • By default, the preset name or method name is now appended to the file name of the final image. You can also adjust the suffix in the Preferences panel.
  • On Batch of Bracketed Photos, addition of Base Exposure option for deghosting.
  • The alignment is now done with one alignment method for all cases. The alignment settings (perspective correction option and maximum alignment shift) can be pre-selected via an Alignment Preset pull-down menu.
  • “License Information” panel shows the license status, as well as the license key if a Photomatix Pro copy has already been registered on the computer.
  • Ability to reset the positions of the program’s windows. This can be done on the Preferences panel under the “Advanced tab.
  • The Batch Bracketed Photos and Batch Single Photos windows have been rearranged. The source and destination controls are now all on the left hand side, while the processing options are on the right. Other options have also been moved or renamed slightly, but all the features in version 5.0 are still available in version 5.1.
  • When loading bracketed photos with different orientation (i.e. inverted width and height), a prompt offers the option to rotate the photo(s) to the same orientation.
  • JPEG quality default value is now 80 instead of 100.
  • Addition of two built-in Presets (‘Interior 3’ and ‘Smooth 3’) under the Architecture category.
  • Bug fixed: On Open Panel to load images, thumbnail of selected file incorrectly displayed images in portrait mode
  • Bug fixed: Sliders on the Setting Adjustments and Finishing Touch windows were not working smoothly, especially with large images.
  • Bug fixed: Preset panel could become too small and non-resizable in some cases when a category was selected before leaving the previous Tone Mapping / Fusion session.
  • Bug fixed: Preset category selected for custom presets (“My presets” tab) was not remembered in the next session.
  • Bug fixed: After having closed then reopened the Presets panel, the ‘2-column’ and ‘zoom’ controls on top of the Preset panel did not work anymore.
  • Bug fixed: When loading JPEG grayscale images, the Preview image for Tone Mapping / Fusion did not always display correctly.
  • Bug fixed: In Batch Single Photos, files stored on some NAS storage devices were not processed in alphabetical order.

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