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StartIsBack++ 2.7.3 Crack With Key For Windows 10 and Windows 8. StartIsBack++ 2.7.3 For Windows 10 and Windows 8. StartIsBack++ Crack is an incredible application that gives you a keen exemplary start trap and starts off evolved the menu alternatives window. It notably builds the accessibility of processing gadgets and makes the new start-up display muddled and untidy.

Iobit Start Menu 8 Key

Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro Key nowhere for makes your windows usage more easy and informal. When people upgrade their Window to 8/10. In the start, people feel difficult to understand the Window system. Because there is no start menu exist in these versions. Mainly, it is designed for the people who do not want to change their routine and bring the classic start menu.
There are many start menu styles are available, but you can enjoy your previous style of it. It provides a very easy way to get back the original version. It has a very strong and powerful search engine. That is more than 20% faster. With this software, you can get search result in less time. It will give you more accurate results. After upgrading to Windows 8/10, users may find it difficult to get used to the new system that does not have a Start Menu. iobit start menu 8 key may help users who are unwilling to change their behavior and return the classic Start menu. Users can enjoy a familiar start menu with just one click, while other styles are also available. The Start Menu 8 also provides an easy way to return to the original style. In addition, the background color of the Start menu changes along with the desktop background. The newly released Start menu 8 has a more powerful search engine.

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The best thing about this software is, safe your most search and recent searches in the start menu so you can access them again quickly. It is free of ads software. Different and insufficient type of advertisement disturbs you while working. But it is 100% free from all those types of publication, so you can find your desired files without any disturbance and quickly. Iobit Start Menu 8 For Windows 10 also available on this Platform with all features and tools. Start Menu 8 is a custom desktop utility for Windows users, which has been specifically designed to bring back the classic Start menu to Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. The application provides a convenient and simple way to switch freely between the last window 10 Start menu and Windows Classic Start Menu.
A very useful and easy to operate this software. Very convenient for all users. Iobit Start menu 8 license code People are using this software all over the world. It is not too much heavy software; it does not need too much space. You can customize the start button for your convenience. Even you can save your account picture in the start. Moreover, you can pin your favorite programs and files. Iobit Start menu 8 free With 20% faster search speed, search results can be delivered in less time. Users can also find easily needed files with more accurate search results. Frequently or recently used files are also pinned to the Start menu for quick access. Ads can distract the user’s attention when using a system boot menu, sometimes resulting in unwanted clicks.

Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro Key

You can choose how do you want to look that button. Iobit start menu for windows 10 software, you can set your menu bar as you wish. So now you can quickly and easily access your apps, document, and files direct from the start menu. This website contains all needful and unique software so, this software one of them. You can also download Windows 8 Product Key from this site. Iobit Start Menu 8 provides a 100% clean and safe startup menu that lets users easily search for apps and files they want. Users can adjust the settings via the Start menu 8. For users, a selection of icons has been put together to customize the Windows Start button. Users can also save their own account image, pin their favorite applications, and manage the way programs are displayed in the Start menu. Advanced settings are waiting to be discovered.

You can also choose from several boot menus for Windows 7 / Vista and Windows XP. It comes with an improved search engine, so you can quickly and easily access your applications and files directly from the Start menu. Start Menu 8 also gives you more customization with just a few clicks. It provides options to skip the modern UI and Welcome to Windows 8.1 and customize your task-bar as you like on Windows 10. Overall, the Start Menu 8 is a small utility that has some interesting features. It is lightweight, consumes negligible system resources, and best of all, it’s free.

More Additional Features Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro Key Full:

• A class star menu.
• Return to Window 8/10 style.
• Quick and powerful search access.
• Free of advertisements.
• Customize your favorite settings.
• Easy to use and friendly user.
• A very light weight software.
• Best of all times and its free software.

Pros and Cons Iobit Start Menu 8 Pro:

Start Menu 8 is a Windows utility that bypasses the Windows 8 tile-based splash screen interface and reintroduces the familiar desktop interface and boot menu from earlier versions of Windows.

A familiar user interface: The Start button and the menu have been a mainstay of Windows since Windows ’95. In Windows 8, Microsoft decided to do something new, but the truth is that it’s hard to come up with something new after such a long time. The start menu 8 resurrects the old interface to reassociate the navigation.

Stylistic Options: With Start Menu 8 you can completely customize your new Start button. First, you can choose what the button itself should look like. You can either choose a button that looks like the classic Windows 7 button, or opt for something more modern that looks like it’s in the Windows 8 style.


Custom menu: When you go through the setup process with Windows 8, you can choose exactly what you want to include in the menu. In this way, you can keep it simple and include only your most frequently used items, or comprehensively so you can navigate through the entire system in the menu. A great addition is the ability to include a menu for your Windows 8 Metro apps.

Time to set up: The only real drawback is that it took a little time to find exactly the way we wanted. A few presets or similar quick start options may have minimized the time it took to start up.

This program only takes a few minutes to return to a familiar interface. You can customize the menu to your liking, so you can either use a menu as in Windows 7 or create your own customized option.

Pro Version Benefits:

• Single-click launch!
• Assign a primary program to any folder and start it simply by clicking this folder.
• Change the structure and add tabs.
• Manage the Virtual Groups
• Sort files by name

How to Install?

• Download and extract files
• Install setup files as usual
• Done and Enjoy! It already activated

Download here:

( Start Menu 10 Pro v5.5 )

Iobit Start Menu 8

By now, everyone knows that Windows 8 doesn't have a Start menu. It's undoubtedly the No. 1 talking point since the operating system's release in 2012 — and not for the better. The good news is that if you aren't interested in the new Start screen, you have options.

Iobit Start Menu 8 Serial Key

In fact, bringing a Start menu back into Windows 8 isn't difficult. You can make one of your own from scratch with most of the functionality of the Windows 7 Start menu. The bad news is it won't look very good and takes time to set up. Fortunately, there are many free applications that can do the job for you, and make the Start menu look great.

Some Windows 8 Start menus are innovative, including interesting new features and interface elements. Others stay as close as they can to the look and feel of the Windows 7 Start menu. We've taken the time to test out the available options and come up with a list of the best free Start menu replacements available.

While the most obvious advantage of these programs is the Start menu, many also offer an optional ability to turn off other annoyances. Every tool listed here allows you to bypass the Start screen and boot directly to the desktop, for example. You can also disable Windows 8's hot corners including the App Switcher in the top left and the Charms bar hint in the top or bottom right.

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What We Like

  • Replace Windows 7 start menu.

  • Customizable.

  • Instant program search results.

What We Don't Like

  • Attempts to install 3rd party apps.

  • Can be buggy at times.

ViStart is about as close as you’re going to get to the Windows 7 Start menu. The interface is almost perfect and very intuitive. With ViStart you’ll be pinning and launching programs in no time.

While many users will consider the similarity to its subject a great feature, that’s about the only feature it offers. While it does have a couple of skins to choose from and the option to change what your Start button looks like, you’ll find nothing of value above and beyond what the Windows 7 Start menu offered.

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Start Menu 8

What We Like

  • Free to download and use.

  • Perfectly replicates Windows 7 start menu.

  • Hide individual items.

What We Don't Like

  • Auto hide can be buggy.

  • Plain design.

Start Menu 8 is also very close to the Start menu from Windows 7. All of the interface elements you'd expect are there. You'll have quick access to your programs and the ability to pin apps like you could in Windows 7.

One major difference that you'll find with Start Menu 8 is a subtle nod to Windows 8. There's a MetroApps menu that you can click to access all of the Windows Store apps on your computer. This lets you seamlessly launch these apps right from the desktop as easily as you would any other program. Unfortunately, though, you can't pin modern apps to the Start menu.

Start Menu 8 is highly customizable. There are multiple themes you can choose from and you can change the Start button style, font, and even the size of the menu itself.

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What We Like

  • Easy to customize.

  • Simplified layout.

  • Mail and social notifications.

What We Don't Like

  • Default start button is an acorn.

  • Unwanted app icons.

  • Store links to Pokki.

This next option, unlike the first three, looks nothing like the classic Start menu you're used to. While that may sound like a negative, it isn't. Pokki strives to give you a simplified way to access your programs, while also improving the interface with new features.

Pokki is much larger than most Start menu replacements. It consists of a pane on the left side of the window that contains most of the links you'd expect in a Start menu including Computer, Documents, Music, Devices, and Printers, and Pictures. Above those links, you'll find options for what displays on the larger right pane.

The All Apps button shows you your programs. While there is no separate menu for Windows Store apps, they're buried in a folder inside this view, so they're still accessible from the desktop environment.

Another option is the Control Panel view. Much like GodMode, this places all of the computer configuration and settings tools in one place for easy access, right there in the Start menu. This makes life much easier for system admins and power users.

Finally, you have the My Favorites view that offers a series of tiles you can configure to link to any programs or apps you have on your computer. Here is where Pokki really shines because you can also link to apps you download from Pokki's own app store.

Pokki's apps aren't highly sophisticated; in fact, many are simply websites or web apps contained within their own window. Having stand-alone apps for Gmail, Pandora, Google Calendar, and others may seem simple, but they're really useful to have around.

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Start Menu Reviver

What We Like

Start Menu 8 Activation Key Free Download

  • Touchscreen friendly.

  • Beautiful design.

  • Highly customizable.


What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't fully replace modern UI.

  • Can't permanently pin items to start menu.

The Start Menu Reviver, like Pokki, doesn’t try to recreate a classic Start menu; instead, it reinvents the idea and updates it to fit in with Windows 8. This application combines the tiles of the Start screen with the ease of the Start menu to create something that feels right at home in this modern operating system.

Start Menu Windows 8 Activation Key

Start Menu Reviver is comprised of a bar of links and a series of customizable tiles. You can drag any desktop or Windows store app into the menu to customize the tiles to your liking. This is just like pinning a program to the Start menu of old.

Start Menu 8 Serial Number

The link bar on the left provides easy access to commonly used tools like Network, Search, and Run. You’ll also find the Apps button in this bar.

When you click the Apps button, a new pane opens to the right to display your desktop applications. At the top of this pane, you’ll find a drop-down list that you can use to change the view to show Windows Store apps, Documents, all Applications, or any other folder you choose. This feature gives you easy and organized access to anything you want.