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georgebush13 December 2007
This is an excellent film. Perhaps it is a bit old fashioned because it is inundated with moral decisions and high ideas. The purity of the film is superb. This film has similarities to the most recent Rocky and Cinderella man but with a low budget. It is not cynical but it has many sad moments and a realism about the frequency that death affects the lives of people. It is also a film that addresses family loyalty. It is very complimentary to Ireland but only covers a small section of the society.
Perhaps, reviewers believe that a young boy has to be sarcastic like in a show like the Simpsons. But this kid is genuine. The relationship between father and son is not some twisted argumentative thing. This film at its heart is about heroes. It is certain to annoy both extreme left and right wing people who believe all people are flawed fools.
Language. I am not a linguist so I do not know if the language was perfect Irish accent. But it certainly would encourage people to go to Ireland. The boxing scenes were no more brutal than Rocky; There was a small amount of swearing and no sleazy scenes. I took my 13 year old daughter to see this film. She loved it. Michael Madsen is a fine actor and the role is a great. It was an entirely adult audience that seemed to like this film with applause at the end. Too bad that this film is likely to slip below the radar.
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Clichéd, Bad Acting, Terrible Dialogue...It should win a razzie!
Seagalogist4 December 2007
I saw Strength and Honour last night. I expected a lot and was let down. I walked out of the cinema talking about some faults it had. I slept on it and when I woke up I realised that there was so much more wrong with this film. I think it was the worst film I saw this year. It is set and filmed in Cork, Ireland (my hometown) so I really want to say it was amazing. It was just a massive letdown. It wasn't even a movie that was 'so bad it's good/funny', it was just a horribly acted, poorly written piece of clichéd rubbish. I applaud that the 1st time Director Mahon has put his heart and soul into this and I must admit the film is beautifully shot, but how this movie got produced is beyond me. I think that he should get some help with writing from a Hollywood veteran because his idea was good. I hope his next film about Brian Boru starring Leo diCaprio will be much better. This film simply deserves the Razzie for worst film(for being oblivious to how bad it is) and worst performance(by Madsen). Madsen is a great actor, but this role was not for him. It pains me to say it, but Strength and Honour is a stinker that should be avoided at all costs. I hear there's a sequel in the pipeline...but I have a question...why?
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Fantastic mind blowing movie
byrnend4 December 2007
We just went to see this movie tonight and i was blown away by the whole production, the story was very true to life, the performances were outstanding especially by Vinnie Jones who plays Smasher O'Driscoll, Michael Madsen as Sean Kelleher, Gail Fitzpatrick as Mammy Mc Grath, Michael Rawley as Chaser and Luke Whelton as Mickey Kelleher. It was so refreshing to see Michael Madsen play the good guy as Mickeys father as opposed to his usual hard-guy roles. Vinnie Jones was made for his part as Smasher O' Driscoll and reminded me of Brad Pitt in Snatch. Strength and Honour was both humorous and emotional with electric bare knuckle fight scenes. it gave an excellent insight into the travelling community and their way of life. The music was incredible also not to mention the beautiful Irish scenery. Definitely one to go and view for yourself over the holiday season. A feel good movie with a punch.
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What a mockery!
jkenefick6 December 2007
I tried so hard to take the movie seriously, but being from the City where it was filmed, it just seems they took the complete mickey out of the city/culture etc... and every time I was nearly taking it seriously again something else 'local' happened that we couldn't stop laughing at! I will agree it was a good attempt, but way too cliché-ed! The accents were awful and bore no resemblance to authentic Cork accents. As previously commented on, I'm sure it will be a hit in the States, but for anyone in the know, it will be a cringeful experience. I just feel that they put the scenes together and no one 'proof-watched' it. All in all it tells of a true Irish tradition, but overly and badly dramatist.
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Worst film of the year.
green-saffron5 December 2007
This film is rubbish. Lazy, join the dots 'storytelling'. It purports to be about Ireland but unless you believe that Darby O'Gill lives with the little people there is no credibility whatsoever; could have been made 50 years ago and even then would have been crap.
There is no attempt to address Ireland in the noughties, the Celtic Tiger, the boom, the me culture, immigration or whatever. Just another Oirish pastiche for some gullible Americans - who must be sick of this rubbish as well.
How this film got made mystifies me but perhaps therein lies a more interesting story.
I'm from Cork so no 'anti Cork' bias stuff please..This movie is the worst tripe I've seen in years and makes me embarrassed to be Irish and a Corkonian.
Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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Amazing Performances
JohnD35 December 2007
I just came from 'Strength and Honour' and was completely blown away. It was shot beautiful, the performances were amazing especially from Madsen, Jones, Rawley and Fitzpatrick (Mammy) and the score was fantastic.
I remember reading once that the definition of art is something that provokes two opposing views. The director has certainly achieved this as people seem to love or hate, with no middle ground.
The script covers lots of ground at the start, but I believe that this is fine. When you go to the cinema, we have to use our imagination a little bit too. On that note though, this is a fictional piece, not a documentary.
Well worth an hour and a half of your time!
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A passionate attempt at a film which could have potentially been outstanding...
hell-cat-13 December 2007
There are so many negative reviews surrounding this film but overall, I myself actually enjoyed it. That being said, however, this film is clearly not without its flaws and the storyline & general pace lacks consistency. Other major problems I had with this film include the most obvious; appalling Irish accents displayed by Michael Madsen & Richard Chamberlain, Madsen's melodramatic overly brooding portrayal of his character who I feel is undeserving of any best actor award based on this performance, Chamberlain's unbelievable performance as an Irish boxing trainer (way too much enthusiasm displayed here). Other flaws included incorrect & mixed itinerant accents displayed by most of the travelers (Rawley could have done without mentioning the cliché term 'boss' in every other sentence), a very inaccurate and clichéd outlook on travelers in general (which I felt the writer/director could have researched a bit more) & a lack of build up or explanation to any major event in this film (it all felt a bit too much thrown into my lap).
However, all this being said I do consider this a very passionate and vast attempt by a first time writer/director and do respect that he managed to get Madsen, Chamberlain, Bergin & Jones on board for this. Vinnie Jones also delivers a much needed energetic villainous performance displaying a more than adequate accent, although maybe a bit too reminiscent of Brad Pitt's Mickey character in Guy Ritichie's 'Snatch'. Rawley was also great and more believable in his role than a lot others, a definite newcomer to watch out for. Maybe I'm a bit too critical of this film because I'm a Corkonian, have a boxing background or am of traveler origin myself so it may be a lot easier to nit pick instead of judging this film from an entertainment value alone perspective. But I'm sure they'll really enjoy this one in the States!
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The best movie I have seen in 2007.
gino-7928 December 2007
If you have not seen Strength and Honor, you are missing a great movie. You do not have to enjoy boxing or action movies to enjoy this one. There is something for everyone... it is a must see!
If you aren't used to them, the accents can take a little while into the movie to get used to. However, once you understand them, you get a better feel for the characters and pick up the common words thrown around throughout the movie and what they mean.
There is a lot of drama, suspense and action in this movie. If you do no have a tear or two after viewing, it would be a shock to me. EXCELLENT movie, that's all I have to say.
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Best movie shown at AOF Film Festival in Pasadena CA
themoviehunter-14 August 2008
Strength and Honor is a story of hope and personal triumph, and in this world filled with Matrix-wannabees, B-level comedy full of toilet humor, and 300 million dollar glitz, it's refreshing to find a film with no gratuitous sex, gore, or profanity. This film has such a strong and simple theme, you won't have a feeling of apprehension taking your 13 year-old daughter to see it (and she'll probably hug you on the way out of the theater). To put it in a single phrase, this movie is what good film-making is all about. Director Mark Mahon has woven an inspirational piece of cinema, and this candid reporter is better for seeing it. Be it karma or sheer fortune, I was able to meet and talk with Mr. Mahon, who also wrote and produced Strength and Honor. I found him to be just as rare and honest as his film is. It was obvious that I had stumbled upon one of those unique and spectacular individuals that make one ask, 'I wonder what he'll do next?' (Mahon is working on his next feature 'Freedom Within the Heart', slated for 2009) Keep your eyes-peeled folks, because if Strength and Honor is any indication of what Mark Mahon can do his first time out the cinema gate, we are bound to be thrilled with his future endeavors. He's a storyteller – one to watch…and keep watching.
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hornbak26 February 2019
Well, I didnt expect much and I didnt get much. This movie is so bad that its watchable, if you know what I mean, and I know that you do. Enjoy lads.
Strength and honour 2 serial keys
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The Worst Film I Have Watched In a Hell of a Long Time
linda1720002 March 2013
Im actually writing this before I even finish watching the film, the last 30 minutes can't save it. The acting is woeful across the board. The Irish accents are the worst i have ever heard (and there have been plenty of really bad attempts). Vinnie Jones' accent tops this particular critique. The stereotypes about Irish travellers are criminal. As other reviewers have already mentioned, I concur that it is amazing that this film made it to post-production. It brings a new meaning to the word 'cliché'. Im simply amazed how this received any good reviews. I believe 1 reviewer noted that it would make you want to visit Ireland ...... Im Irish, I've travelled every county and every corner of it, this does not represent Ireland in any way, and I would hope people would not visit here as a result of this film, those who would need their heads examined!
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Simply awful
Bulletmovies9 October 2010
See Vinnie Jones using the worst and most unlikely Irish accent ever committed to screen. Also see a highly predictable plot and stereotyped list of totally unbelievable characters - dumbed-down for Americans? - romp through a film you'll pray ends quickly. And what's with the American cars parked at the Gypsy site? Is it supposed to be Ireland or the USA?
Vinnie Jones as a bare-knuckle boxer? Gimmie a break. It's as if he's trying to reprise Brad Pitt's role in Snatch, but giving it the Vinnie treatment IE. 'I can't act but I'm famous enough to can get your film made.'
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