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NirSoft's ProduKey shows both the registry key and the BIOS key. The BIOS key corresponds with the results given by NeoSmart's Windows OEM Product Key Tool and Recover Keys (under 'BIOS' key). I think that the laptop's current Windows 7 OS is a genuine and activated OS. We have common Windows 7 ultimate key, windows 7 professional serial key, windows 7 home basic creation keys, windows 7 starter creation keys. To execute windows 7 we want windows 7 key. Windows key is a 25-character code that’s cast-off to initiate windows on your computer.

I'm trying to get the serial number of a user's PC from a VBS script, and display it in a msgbox. I am aware of the methods for commandline (wmic bios getserialnumber) and I am aware of the hardware-based methods (like looking at the sticker or the box.) I have checked the registry (HKLMHARDWAREDESCRIPTIONSystemBIOS) to no avail. How can I use VBS (without calling a batch file) to display a users serial number?

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I am moreso looking for a location in the registry for the serial number, I can work the script around that, I just need to know where to look


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Here is the VBScript code to find the Serial number of the machine you are using:

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This will make a msgbox that displays the serial number in standard format. Thank you all for your help

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