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Windows 7 Serial Keys. Many users search for a Windows 7 Ultimate serial key. Since this robust and easy-to-use operating system is nearly a decade old now, it’s keys have become rare. Windows 7 is the most popular operating system which is used worldwide. It is released in back July 2009. Those people who have a problem of windows activation with their current running windows 7 in the system. We can activate the windows but for this, we need to have windows 7 product key or serial key. Norton Security free download with crack license / serial key is full security for you. Norton Security 2015 use different techniques to maintain your PC from malware and other threats. Norton Security 2019 Crack includes a personal firewall with visitors, applications and so on. Revo Uninstaller Pro is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows. Revo Uninstaller Pro Crack + Serial Key 2017. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). Revo Uninstaller Pro Crack, Revo Uninstaller Pro Keygen, Revo Uninstaller Pro Keys. Windows 7 Product Key Serial Key Free Latest Working For Windows 7, Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Professional Keys.These Product key, Serial Key and Activation Key Work On All system 32 Bit and 64 Bit.these are working Keys.

This is the ultimate guide to Windows 7 product keys. Here, you will find the latest genuine Windows 7 product keys.

Windows 7 is by far the most widely used Windows OS. You can download Windows 7 from Microsoft’s website. But you will need a genuine Windows Serial Key to activate the operating system.

To get working keys, you will have to buy them from Microsoft. But this is not a viable option for many people because of many reasons.

Luckily, you can get free Windows 7 product keys online.

In this post, you will find product keys for all Windows 7 versions and learn how to activate Windows 7 with and without a product key.

Windows 7 Product Keys

The Windows 7 product key is a 25-digit character code. It looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 ended on January 13th, 2015. But the tech giant said it would provide extended support until January 14th, 2020. As such, it is not easy to find product keys today that can activate Windows 7. Fortunately, we have sourced genuine product keys you can use.

The product keys you will find on this page are genuine. They work for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

But before you try a Windows 7 product key from this page, let’s look at where you can find your product key.

Where to find your Windows 7 product key

You should be able to see the product key of the version of Windows 7 your computer is running in these locations:

If you bought Windows 7 from Microsoft’s official website, you should have received the product key via the email you used to set up your Microsoft account.

If you bought Windows 7 from an authorized dealer, you should be able to find the activation key inside the box containing the CD or DVD.

If you bought a PC with preinstalled Windows 7, you should see the Windows 7 product key somewhere on a sticker on the PC. If you cannot find your product key on a sticker, follow these simple methods to retrieve it:

  1. Download a free product key finder from an official website
  2. Hit the download button on the site and save the executable file on your desktop
  3. Go to your desktop and click the install file twice in rapid succession. Then follow the instructions on your screen to complete the installation process
  4. When the finder prompts you to install games and other programs, click I do not accept. This will prevent the installation of unwanted bloatware on your computer
  5. Launch the product key finder. The program will scan your PC to find the product key. It will display your Windows 7 version and other Office programs you have on your PC
  6. Click Windows 7. Your product key will appear under the label “CD Key” on the right side panel of the finder.

If you have downloaded Windows 7 and your free trial period is over, you can use a free Windows serial key on this page to activate the OS.

Read on to find a working Windows 7 product key.

Before using a free Windows 7 Ultimate activation key on this page, make sure you turn off Windows Update. Otherwise, the product keys won’t activate your Windows 7. And that’s because Microsoft will detect the new product key as a duplicate. As such, the verification process won’t take place.

Windows 7 Product Keys 32-bit (Updated)














Windows 7 Product Keys 64-bit (Updated)


Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys

Here are genuine Windows 7 Ultimate product keys you should try:


Windows 7 Home Product Keys

All Windows 7 Home product keys on this page are free. We update these keys every day. So, if you don’t find a key that works for you, you can always come back tomorrow for new keys. Here are Windows 7 Home Premium product keys:

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Product Keys6BY96-R26JV-2RPYQ-JG82J-KBMVHTDYPW-9HFRT-KTCK4-WH9MV-D8VWQ
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Product Keys4GFFM-8YYJJ-D96CQ-878K9-H3CDRTHY8B-98HJ7-3GMMJ-HYR3F-MWTV6
Windows 7 Home Premium Product KeysMDC8F-2WGB4-MBV2Q-43Y2W-T9PT62RT97-2W2PJ-9479T-QDTHH-M22RF
Windows 7 Home Premium Product Keys373MK-87WF8-JD6XM-6HQRC-JPMP6CTPDJ-2GG88-H9PMM-WGYXJ-37FFW
Windows 7 Home Product keysMHHK6-24TM4-C2QHT-WW6Y2-QYQCDBDXQC-J343X-FT3VY-TRRMH-6DBXW

Other Ways to Get a Free Windows 7 Product Key

By now, you have probably grabbed an ultimate product (key) from this page and activated your Windows 7. But if you were not able to activate your Windows 7 using a Windows serial key from this page, we still have a few suggestions that might help you. Here are more ways to get free Windows 7 product key.

Preinstalled Windows 7 on a new computer

The simplest way to get an activated copy of Windows 7 is by purchasing a computer with preinstalled Windows 7. This method will save you time. You will also be able to access all the great features and drivers the OS has to offer. Another advantage of preinstalled Windows is that you can restore your PC anytime. You can install the same activated Windows 7 without any problem. The downside is that you may get a basic version of the activated Windows. As such, you will have to upgrade to access all the features of Windows 7. So, you have to think twice before choosing this method.

Refurbished computer with activated Windows 7

This is another great way to get a Windows 7 product key for free. Getting a refurbished computer with activated Windows 7 means you don’t need a product key to activate the operating system. It already has its activation key. You can use the computer until its hardware wears out and just scrap it off and get a new one. You will have an activated Windows 7 that you can use on any computer. So, you will not have to search for product keys anymore.

Downgrade from Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 to Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional

If your computer is running an activated version of Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you can downgrade it. Microsoft allows you to downgrade to any version of Windows without having to provide a product key. This is the simplest way to get a free Windows 7 product key. But remember that you can only downgrade from an activated higher version of Windows.

How to activate Windows 7 using a product key

Activating Windows 7 using a Windows serial key is easy. But you will, of course, need a genuine Windows 7 product key. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Click the Start menu

Step 2: Enter activate windows in the search box

Step 3: Click the option Activate Windows from the search results

Step 4: You can also click the Activate Now notification that often appears on the taskbar

Step 5: Enter the Windows 7 product key and click Validate

It should only take a few minutes. But it depends on how strong your internet connection is.If someone else has already used the product key, you will receive a message saying you have exceeded the number of activations for that particular key. The OS will then ask you to provide a different key and click Retry.

How to activate Windows 7 without a product key

Using a product key is one way of activating Windows 7. But sometimes it’s not easy to get a working product key. You can activate Windows 7 without a product key. Here are two simple methods to activate Windows 7 if you don’t have a product key.

Method 1: Remove the SLUI file

Follow these simple steps to delete the SLUI file:

Step 1: Go to C:// drive (or where the folder with Windows 7 is

Step 2: Find the folder named System-32 and double-click it

Step 3: Use the search tool in File Manager to find SLUI file

Step 4: This file contains the Windows 7 key, so you have to delete it

Step 5: Right-click on the file and select the properties option

Step 6: In the new window, click on the Security tab and select Users

Step 7: Click Advanced to open a new window with SLUI Advanced security settings

Step 8: Click the Owner tab and select owner as user and then click Apply

Step 9: Go back to the folder containing the SLUI file

Windows 7 Ultimate Serial Key

Step 10: Right-click on it again and select the properties option

Step 11: Again, click on the Security tab, select users, and hit the Edit button

Step 12: Edit Permissions for the system owner or current user in the next window

Step 13: Click the username and tick the box next to Full control to okay this permission. This should activate Windows 7 without a product key

Step 14: Click OK and close all open windows. Only leave the System 32 folder.

Step 15: Click the SLUI file once and hit the Delete button on the keyboard If this method doesn’t work, try out the next method below.

Method 2: Using CMD

Follow these steps to activate your Windows 7 using CMD:

Step 1: Enter CMD into the Windows search and run it as system administrator

Step 2: Enter the command slmgr –rearm in CMD

Windows 7 serial key keygen crack windows 7

Step 3: Hit Enter on your keyboard

Step 4: Restart your computer after getting a prompt to do so

Step 5: After restarting the computer, go to CMD again and type the command slmgr –ato

Step 6: Press Enter againStep 7: You will get a message that you have activated Windows 7 successfully


Hopefully, you have found a working Windows 7 product key here, and you’ve successfully activated your Windows 7. You can also try one of the methods here that allow you to activate Windows 7 without a product key.

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It’s coded in a safe and secure advanced way so that it cannot be detected through the official developer referred to like Microsoft. If they identify that you’re utilizing an invalid of unofficial Windows 7 product key on your PC, they can cancel the subscription as well as your Windows 7 asks for the product key or certification again. You may be in danger for yours. But donor rat worries whatsoever for those who have downloaded the windows 7 keygen I’m discussing this particular page.

It’ll never get detected by MS by any means regardless of how you utilize it over time.This can be used windows 7 ultimate keygen to activate your windows 7 either it’s a final version or enterprise edition or perhaps a professional edition. It does not matter whatsoever concerning the edition or version you’ve installed Windows 7. As this Keygen for Windows, 7 continues to be developed in a way that integration of product keys for just about any form of Windows 7 can be done by using it.

Windows 7 continues to be and will also be the very best discharge of Microsoft within the history. After Windows, XP, Windows 7 is the one that has a lot of recognition soon after its release in initial days. Today, you will get other latest and beautiful new versions of windows like windows 8 and windows 8.1, and also the original champion windows 10. However, the Windows 7 is still more stable and professional form of Microsoft Windows as in comparison towards the latest releases. Some individuals utilize it within their primary concern.

Nevertheless, its product secret is somewhat pricey, and for those who have dropped it, You’ll have to get it again from official Microsoft store. That could be a difficult factor for you and waste of cash too. And so I am discussing a little yet powerful software that may help you with this. Windows 7 Keygen is a software that may help you get the windows 7 triggered very quickly. All you need to do is just stick to the procedure within the step-by-step tutorial given below, and you’re all set. You can also activate Windows 10 Loader.


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With the aid of this unique small size windows 7 key generator, You will get as many serial keys and license figures for Windows 7 as you would like. It may generate the Product key for windows 7 professional, windows 7 ultimate product key, windows 7 home premium product key, Serial number for Windows 7 Pro and much more related releases by Microsoft.


  • Simply follow these steps and your windows 7 activation will be done in no time.
  • Download the Keygen setup from download links given below.
  • Extract the archive you’ve just got downloaded out of this page.
  • For extraction, it’s suggested to make use of Winrar. You can download a Winrar Crack came from here.
  • Double click and run the keygen in the folder that you just removed the archive.
  • Click the drop lower listing of many windows 7 versions.
  • Choose the edition or version you’ve installed on your computer in the drop lower list.
  • Click generate product Key.
  • You will notice an item key produced within the keygen interface.
  • Copy the product key for windows 7 ultimate, professional or home premium.
  • Visit User Interface of the system from windows menu or start option.
  • Visit “System and security area” in the listing of some other configurations.
  • Visit the option saying “Look for updates.”
  • Click “Disable Automatic Updates” or select a choice of “Never look for updates” in the list.
  • Now finally visit the Activation or Certification option of Windows 7 from the same setting.
  • Paste the merchandise key you’ve just got produced from windows 7 keygen application.
  • Click Activate, and you’re done.
  • Restart your computer and employ the Triggered Windows 7 version for as many as you would like.

Please Note:

When the product key doesn’t work in your Windows 7, just make certain you have selected the right windows edition from drop lower list while producing product key from windows 7 pro keygen. If it’s correct but still no longer working, just skip the merchandise key and generate a replacement. You just need just one click to develop a product key. Keep producing product keys for Windows 7 and apply one at a time. Stop in which a product key triggers your Windows 7. Once triggered, You can close the keygen and restart your computer before doing other things.


As a bonus, here is a few working and examined windows 7 product keys produced out of this keygen I’ve shared. You can directly copy the merchandise keys from the list below too. It your personal choice how and what you would like to make use of.